Halocentar - Center for Halotherapy, Tuzla
Halocentar - Center for Halotherapy, Tuzla


Grain of salt (Greek Halo - salt)

Halotherapy (Greek Halo - salt) is a method that is based on dosed stay in attractively designed salt room that is made from natural rock salt, used for treatment of chronic and allergic disorders.

Even in ancient times the Greeks discovered that the salt mines and salt caverns have a good influence on respiratory and skin problems. In 1843. Polish physician F. Bochkowski notes that miners in the salt mines do not suffer from lung disease. Based on this, his successor, M. Poljakovski established first sanatorium for treating patients with pulmonary diseases in Wieliczka, place near by Cracow, that still exists. At this location, 226 meters under the ground, was built a hospital for asthma, respiratory and allergic patients, and a percentage of success of therapy was 90%. Most salt tanks were in the territory of Austria, Polish, Slovak Republic, Romania, Russia and Ukraine, and the pits still used to treat people and strengthening the body.

Salted cellars - Spaces for Halotherapy

Today this microclimate environment is achieved in a specially designed and projected area - salt room, whose walls, ceiling and floor completely covered with a layer of rock salt. Conditions in the salt room imitating the conditions of a natural salt cave microclimate with the necessary control in order to achieve useful results halotherapy. The air in the room is enriched with dry salt aerosol sprayed by a special device-halogenerator. Salt aerosol particle size is 1-5 microns are easily inhaled and normal breathing, which leads to clinically proven positive effects. These features provide the aerosol transmission of the healing effects of dry salt where it is needed most - deeply in the bottom of the pulmonary alveoli.

Salt effect on the human body

Placed where it is needed, aerosol dissolves and attracts small impurities which patient later eject by coughing up or being decomposed by body metabolic processes. The treatment is benefit for inflamatory respiratory disease and allergic respiratory manifestations (infections of the lower or upper respiratory tract infections, asthma, bronchitis or allergies) because salt aerosol has a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema effect, beneficial and healing effect, on the lining of the respiratory tract.

It is the chemical composition of aerosols responsible for health improvement:

  • sodium
    - Has an impact on heart function and the optimal blood pressure, improves skin condition. sodium ions play an important role in transporting glucose and amino acids
  • potassium
    - Lowers blood pressure, preventing heart disease, improves the function of the skin, has a diuretic effect and helps to cleanse the body of toxins. Ion of potassium in the cells is necessary for glucose metabolism, protein synthesis and the activation of many enzymes
  • magnesium
    - An element that frees the body from stress, relieves asthma attacks, reduces nervous tension, relieve cramps
  • calcium
    - A stronghold of the skeletal system, is essential for growth and health of bones and teeth, strengthens immunity, has anti-allergic properties, essential for blood clotting, reduces the risk of heart disease
  • iron
    - An essential element of hemoglobin - the protein that is the most important component of red blood cells - red blood cells serve as a carrier of oxygen from the lungs to all tissues, preventing anemia, stimulates the muscles, improves concentration, reduces susceptibility to infections
  • iodine
    - Responsible for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland which regulates our metabolism, growth, development and weight
  • lithium
    - Prevention of sclerosis, heart disease and diabetes
  • selenium
    – An antioxidant, protecting cells and tissues from damage induced by free radicals, strengthens the action of the immune system, protects against skin aging
  • copper
    - Improves metabolism, helps production of hemoglobin in the blood, helps iron absorption
  • manganese
    - Acts as an antioxidant, protects against damage caused by free radicals from food
  • zinc
    - Participates in numerous bodily processes such as growth and bone development

Salt room - Rooms for Halotherapy in Tuzla

Since the human body changes substances through the largest organ - the skin, healing effects of salt aerosol has also beneficial influence on skin diseases.

Percipitating on detected areas of skin, saline aerosol increases the activity of ion channels skin cells and initiates electrophysiological activity that determines the protective properties of skin. Studies have shown normalization of the surface composition of the flora of the skin after application halotherapy. Also it is confirmed non edema and bacteriostatic effect of dry salt aerosol to the skin.

High concentrations of negative ions also have a positive effect on the human body. These ions occurring naturally only in the near of sea, next to a waterfall or after a rain and storms, and their concentration in the salt room is many times higher than in those places.

Due to the high concentration of dry saline aerosol, 40 minutes in salt therapy room is efficient as three days on the sea.

  • Halotherapy is a completely natural healing method that is based on breathing air saturated with dry salt aerosol.
  • It is does not replace the medicament therapy but significantly reduces the need for the same.
  • It makes recovery time shorter and increases the time of remission.
  • Effective - without side effects.
  • No interactions with other medications.
  • Non-invasive and comfortable for all ages.
  • Strengthens the body both physically and mentally.
  • It makes respiratory and skin problems easy.
  • It cleans the airways.
  • It helps with allergies.
  • Reduces the tendency to cold.
  • Increases immunity.
  • Therapy has been clinically tested by U.S., Russian and Finnish scientists.
  • The therapy is intended for children and last 20 minutes, and also adults 40 minutes which substitute 3 days stay at sea.

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