Halocentar - Center for Halotherapy, Tuzla
Halocentar - Center for Halotherapy, Tuzla


Treatments carried out in the salt room are designed for adults and children.

Treatment for adults lasts 40 min, and for children 20 min.

One session of 40 minutes has the same effect as three days staying at sea.

By healthy people salt room increases immunity, lung capacity, the cells are filled with minerals and leads to an increase in mood and willingness to everyday responsibilities, acting antidepressant.

Salt Room - Center for Halotherapy, Tuzli

Salt room is illuminated with light of different colors. Colours are normally in interaction with the human energy system, and exposure of the human body to the different range of colors is called CHROMOTHERAPY.

Chromotherapy, as the natural colors of your treatment effect, has a unique impact on the physical, emotional and mental state of each person.

Sound is also a source of energy. During their stay in the salt room of your treatment you are listening relaxing music, which helps your body to restore energy.

Rules during the stay in the salt room:

  • Be at least 10 minutes before the start of therapy in waiting room
  • Our staff will help you to prepare for treatment and give you other instructions
  • Turn off your mobile phones and other devices
  • Please take far your children a couple of clean cotton socks
  • Before initiation of therapy it is recommended to drink a glass of water and use toilet facilities
  • Parents should note that children do not touch the walls of the room
  • Do not leave salt room during therapy.

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